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Cheap cigarettes. Free shipping!

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Monte Carlo cigarettes is a brand manufactured by JT International. Monte Carlo is a brand of cigarettes in Switzerland, Monaco, Colombia, Mexico, Emirates, Germany and USA, Slovenia and Romania. Monte Carlo cigs come in different varieties: long (100 mm) and king size (85 mm), 10, 20 or 24, cigarettes in a pack, hard and soft pack. Monte Carlo cigarettes are characterized for their rich and smooth taste. Despite this brand’s price is pretty reasonable, some smokers believe that it symbolizes a sort of luxurious and wealthy life. Perhaps, this very fact makes Monte Carlo cigarettes, especially the ones with the new design (such as Monte Carlo Super Slims Silk and Monte Carlo Super Slims Fantasy), very attractive. Cheap Davidoff gold, now available at an exclusive price from our store, and ready to be shipped worldwide!


Salem cigarettes are the light variation of this iconic menthol cigarette brand. Since 1956, the menthol category of cigarettes has been dominated by Salem. Having perfected this type of cigarette, Salem cigs takes the crown as being the best-selling menthol cigarette on the market. Salem is perfect for those who enjoy the refreshing mint taste that you've come to expect from the Salem line, but with lighter nicotine content.

LM cigarette belongs to not expensive category of cigarettes but it contains high-quality blend. The L&M cigarets brand is very popular in Europe and gathers popularity among the US smokers. L&M cigs Logo is an abbreviation form of Liggett and Meyers Tobacco Company, which introduced L&M plug chewing tobacco in 1876, that later became the name of the cigarette. Cigarettes «L & M» in the U.S. market came about in late 1953. Then they were introduced filtered cigarettes, where was the logo of the company «Liggett group». L&M cigarettes in the production started with a white filter. It is this distinctive feature has made them instantly recognizable.

Karelia cigarettes are manufactured by Karelia Tobacco Company, Greece’s largest cigarette manufacturer and exporter. The company established an enviable worldwide reputation for the quality and innovations. It exports to more than 65 countries all over the world. Karelia cigarettes are made of the finest tobacco sorts and have no destructive chemical elements. Karelia cigarettes are made to become one of the most prominent brands in the world’s tobacco production heritage.

Kent cigarette brand is tested by time and each experience is appreciated and estimated. Kent cigarettes can be found in any country due to its peculiar taste. Nothing tastes like Kent smoking tobacco brand. Today Kent features Kent nanotech cigarette box which inner and outer substances attracts the most sophisticated smokers. Now this cig has a very up to date image with a taste greatly assessed. Kent is an instance that after decades on the tobacco market, this smoking product still offers pleasure to its consumers when smoking. Buy Kent cigarettes online, free worldwide shipping for each order! Kent is a cigarette brand, which is well-known all around the world. Kent cigarettes are characterized with essentially high quality, rich-blended tobacco and aroma.
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